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Eva Umlauf


Eva Umlauf was born in the Nováky labour camp on 19 December 1942. Nováky was a transit camp, from where Jews were deported to death camps in Poland. In 1944, Eva Umlauf, not even two years old at the time, and her pregnant mother were deported from Nováky to Auschwitz. After their arrival in Auschwitz, Eva was sent to the so-called infirmary, which stood under the command of Josef Mengele. On 27 January 1945, the camp was liberated by the Red Army. Six months later, Eva, her mother and her younger sister returned to Slovakia. Her father had not survived the deportation. Later, Eva studied medicine in Bratislava. Today, she lives in Munich, works as a paediatrician and as a psychotherapist, and is actively fighting the forgetting of the Nazi era.

Eva Umlauf answers the question, "What do you think of this project?"