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Education at Schools

Mobile Version and the Project "Paths of Learning"

One of the main goals of the project "Learning with digital testimoies" is the adaptation of Abba Naor and Eva Umlauf’s digital testimonies for educational contexts in schools. For this purpose, a mobile version of the testimonies was developed. This makes it possible to present the testimonies in 3D at schools and other educational institutions. This way, students may experience them within their own classrooms.

Additionally, the Munich team is currently developing the moodle project "Paths of Learning - Didactical innovation for the classroom", which will serve two purposes: For one thing, it will provide access to the testimonies via a website and allow students to delve into the witnesses’ life stories at their own pace. For another thing, it will offer learning and teaching material at different levels for the educational work in the subjects German, history and social studies, enabling teachers to utilize the testimonies in various ways. This educational offer is currently used in teachers' education at the LMU Munich and is meant to prepare future teachers for digital learning at schools.


Duration: June 2020 to December 2021

Contact: Ernst Hüttl

Funding: evz